Marty Gindi

I once had a curmudgeon say in a meeting: “Ah, there’s Marty with all his enthusiasm.” Well, yes, I unapologetically use that enthusiasm to make ideas come to life. I particularly love bringing new technology quickly to life in a professional, buildable, well-researched manner.


A little about me:


Did you send a text message today that happened to go to a friend on another carrier? I wrote that code, and over 10 billion daily messages flow through it.


Did you buy a ringtone (or Ring-back-tone) on a Verizon flip phone? I also developed that app five years before Steve Jobs convinced the world that he invented apps. It made Verizon well over a billion dollars and was the number-one downloaded app worldwide for several years.


More recently, I did a bit of a magic trick. Through 3D, augmented reality, and blockchain-backed records, I developed an app that gives the customer the illusion that they can see his gold in the room with them, almost touch it. Meanwhile, the gold is in a vault. Along with augmented reality, I weaved a story with the bar’s history and proof of ownership from the blockchain to build trust.


My most enormous success related to my enthusiastic get-it-done spirit was personal. After being told by our lawyer that ‘no one has adopted kids from Romania,’ we were amongst the first dozen US Citizens to do it. Well, it also involved cutting parts out of an old radio and soldering them into a copy machine. (long story, you’ll have to ask me about that). You have no idea how proud I am of my now two grown kids. My daughter even inherited my get-it-done spirit. She has started her own lifeguard training business and is working on ideas for industry-first software packages.

Technically I have broad-based experience that includes a top-notch engineering school and many years at Bell Labs (et al.) working on the Unix kernel. I’m a full-stack developer with an emphasis on mobile. I’m currently a big fan of Flutter for the front end. It gives you a good running shot at having the same code base for iOS, Android, and Web. I’m proficient in back-end APIs and setting up admin and reporting systems. Everything technically needed to get an MVP out the door.

Additionally, I manage development teams (and code myself), establish the daily production work needed, work hand-in-hand with UI/UX designers to produce an easy-to-use, visually appealing product, get buy-in throughout the company, write Agile ‘stories,’ bring customers in before starting to code, interface to lawyers for compliance and help negotiate the technical part of external contracts… anything and everything to ‘just get it done.’ I’ve also found that everyone I work with, the curmudgeon included, loves working with me.

One of the biggest things I’ve learned is that listening is an essential skill, listening for clues to what really needs to be done. Listening to the CEO or business leader, executing their vision, and establishing enough trust so that when I say, ‘I don’t think we can do it.’ they understand.

Recently, as the gold startup I was working for was cutting back, the CTO, Andy Carra said, “you’re the startup co-founder every CEO is looking for to get their idea out the door.” I want to bring my get-it-all-done track record to your well-funded startup or corporate innovation team.

I can go on and on about my stories and accomplishments. But that’s what my portfolio is for.

Marty at work - A co-worker drew this on my departure from Unix-land

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