Marty Gindi Portfolio

Digital Gold Vault
Developer , Featured , Featured-Page , Innovation , Product Manage , Project Manage , Team Lead

View your gold, learn its history and see it’s blockchain backed ownership history. I conceived the idea, assembled a team and built it.

One Button Video
Developer , Innovation

Technically innovative way of integrating a ‘Join a tele-health’ call in company’s web, Android, iOS and Flutter based products. Solved an emergency Covid need.

One Button Uber POC
Developer , Innovation

One button to order an Uber to your drug trial appointment using Uber’s special ‘healthCare’ API

Developer , Team Lead

An app to keep you engaged with your drug trial


An eBook reader and audio book player in Android


An ad supported text message app.

Verizon Tones
Developer , Featured , Featured-Page , Innovation , Product Manage , Project Manage , Team Lead

If you bought a ring-tone or ring-back tone on a Verizon flip-phone you used my app. I owned from start to finish. It was the most downloaded app in the world for a number of years.

R2/D2 Phone
Featured , Featured-Page , Innovation , Product Manage , Project Manage

I owned all the special software on the R2/D2 phone. Including such things as the Hoth Binoculars, Hoth Weather widget and Shake-your-phone to get R2 to come out.

SimplyCalled Home Services App
Developer , Product Manage

An app to manage phone calls and scheduling for the busy home services pro. By my startup.

SimplyCalled Customer Support
Developer , Product Manage

Android SDK and customer service system integration layer to allow interactions with customers during and after phone calls. By my startup

VCast SongID
Product Manage

Verizon’s version of Shazam to ID songs. Was popular before Shazam.

Inter-Carrier Text Messages
Developer , Featured , Team Lead

If you send a text message today to a friend on another carrier, there’s a 50% chance it went through my software. Many billions a day

Itanium UnixWare
Developer , Featured-Page , Innovation

While working in the Bell Labs (et al) world for 16 years… I was on the 5 person team that was the first to boot an OS on Intel’s then new Itanium chip. I was on-stage talking about this all around Europe

UnixWare 7- Unix 95 Compatibility
Developer , Featured-Page , Team Lead

At Bell Labs et-al, responsible for ensuring compatibility between various Unix flavors

Unix Multiprocessor

At Bell Labs, I was the first to get our multi-processor Unix to boot to multi-user mode. We had a party when I did

BabyBlue: CP/M on the IBM PC
Developer , Innovation

IBM-PC bus card, I worked on the hardware and did the software on this critical device for allowing CP/M software to run on MS-DOS machines.

CP/M Porting

I was the world’s most prolific porter of CP/M to new hardware. It lead to an offer from Bill Gates.