One Button Video

One button in drug trial app allows both clinician and patient to join a tele-health room


One button video at SignantHealth allows the clinician running a drug trial to talk directly to the patient. They both press the button and enter a room exclusively set up for them.

One button video is an internal project that allows disparate projects on disparate architectures to add in per-patient Telehealth rooms with minimal per-project work. Small snippets of code on different versions of the company’s platform running on web, iOS or Android can trigger video calls.

This solution is primarily a way for different development organizations to proceed on their own with minimal day-to-day team interaction. It also prevents large duplication of effort among organizations.


As one of two founding members of the Innovation team I was tasked with coming up with a video solution that can work within the company. I developed a fully working, almost production ready prototype and did end-to-end test integrations with various platforms and technologies.

At SignantHealth, the innovation team researches technical alternatives, e.g. Twilio Video versus Zoom Video, architects a solution and develops a working proof of concept. We researched the end-to-end integration needs and knew that once given over to a project there were no ‘gotcha’s’. Once a POC reached this level we because an integral part of the scrum teams that produced production level code.

As part of my on the innovation team I developed the concept of what I call ‘Flutter Anywhere’ it is a set of interface modules that allow the same exact base flutter widget, in this case the video to be imbedded in any technology as either an embedded visual ‘widget’ or a new page. These technologies include web, native iOS, native Android and of course Flutter.

The code uses Twilio Video as the video call provider. It uses twilio SDKs and APIs and sets up a ‘room server’ to ensure that only the patient, clinician (and possibly the patient’s care-giver) can join the room. 

The video visit you see above was integrate as a new ‘action’ into the company’s proprietary layout language. This is an Android version that starts a new activity for the call. Results of the call are fed back to the calling app that can take further actions.

I did native Android and iOS implementations as well as both a Flutter version for our Flutter based app and a JavaScript version for web.

Other Work