Android eBook and Audio book app


The Zolabooks Android app is an eBook reader and audio book player rolled up in one. Both allowed for full off-line enjoyment of your book. The app was meant to be a companion to a ‘website widget’ that authors could add to their personal pages to allow people to purchase their books.

Eventually the website widget didn’t necessarily require the this app for reading, opting for delivery of the book in a form that could be open by standard ebook readers such as Kindle instead. The app is still available as a ‘white label’ version.

This is the link to the current Zola offering. https://zolabooks.com


I was an Android development contractor to make money while I was building ‘SimplyCalled’

The app was very buggy when I took it over. I tossed the eBook reader and integrated a popular open source eBook reader. The audio book player was an SDK provided by the company that hosted the audio books. The SDK just allowed downloading and play of the book. We devised the UI and integrated it with the SDK.

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