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Marty Gindi

I help ideas come to life through technology


About Me

I once had a curmudgeon say in a meeting: “Ah, there’s Marty with all his enthusiasm.” Well, yes, I unapologetically use that enthusiasm to make ideas come to life. I particularly love bringing new technology quickly to life in a professional, buildable, well-researched manner.


I’m a Mobile Android/iOS Developer and Manager, API Developer, Product Innovation Manager and CTO with significant years of experience in applying emerging technology to deliver new products to market. I believe that bringing an open mind and a positive, can-do attitude creates new business opportunities that contribute directly to the bottom line. I am looking for new horizons to explore where I can bring strategic product vision and the know-how to assemble the talent to create MVPs and collaborate on the go-to-market motion as a CTO or co-founder.


·      Senior Strategic Leader with the ability to contribute hands-on at the startup level

·      Innovation: blockchain, cloud, mobile, SMS, IVR

·      Products: Patent applications, Licensing

·      Software Development: Flutter, Dart, Android, Java, Swift



Email Address

[email protected]


+1 646.361.1348


End-to-End Get-it-Done

Create and Innovate

I'm passionate about innovation and the innovation process. "It's never been done before" is my favorite phrase.

Manage and Own

I take that "wisp of an idea" and make it real; defining its features and look and feel. I bring in stake holders and manage the day to day development


I love a good day of coding as well as orchestrating a project's implementation with a dev team. Currently I love using Flutter to develop once-ish for iOS, Android and Web.


Featured Products

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Kind Words

“ Every start-up founder with an idea needs someone who can both analyze and think creatively to turn their idea into a reality - Marty is that co-founder.”

CTO At Gilded

Andy Carra

“ Marty is one of those rare talents who can balance technical design and real-world constraints. No matter how complex the stack, I can trust Marty to come up with a creative solution that just works”

R&D Manager at Signant Health

Olli Leminen

“ Marty is the idea man! ”

Flutter Contractor

Milan Paunovic
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Address : 80-35 Springfield Blvd, #3L, Queens Village, NY 11426

Phone : +1 646.361.1348

LinkedIn : https://www.linkedin.com/in/marty-gindi