Digital Gold Vault

Digital Gold Valut Marketing Video


Gilded sells gold bars for investment. The bars are securely stored in a commercial vault, such as Brinks. Gilded records your exclusive ownership rights on the blockchain. 

The ‘Digital Gold Vault’ shows you the actual bars you own. The bars can be seen in a list, in 3D or augmented reality. It assembles a story of the bar from various blockchain records. The story starts with it being minted and ends with your ownership.

The purpose of the Digital Gold Vault is make you feel that your bar is real, even though you can’t touch it. That the bar has a history. That it has a story and you have trust in the fact that you and only you own this bar.

The Digital Gold Vault is engineered as a widget that can be inserted into a bank’s existing technology whether it be Web, iOS or Android.


As part of the R&D team tasked with using technology to engender trust that the bar is your’s and only your’s we developed specs for using the blockchain to show ownership and provenance of the bar

My job was to visualize this. I conceived of the product, got buy-in and resources to build this. It is now the marketing lead of the company.

I interviewed stake holders to iterate on the features. I translated that into a visually compelling design using 3D and Augmented Reality by iterating with a designer. I then did the technical design and oversaw the developers, running daily scrums. I worked with the production team to integrate all the processed needed to ingest the needed data.

The Digital Gold Vault is a Flutter ‘Widget’ that is engineered to be inserted in web technologies as a new page or in an iFrame, in native iOS and Android as a view, or in a Flutter app from the same source code. It was engineered so that banks could easily insert the Digital Gold Vault into their existing apps.

The back end is an Angular server that accesses the blockchain and translates it into the English you see. The image of the bar is taken by Brinks, we ingest these images as bars come in and clean them so they have transparent backgrounds suitable for displaying in the carousel, 3D and augmented reality


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