Gold in Augmented Reality

The Augmented Reality Experience2


Gold in Augmented Reality is a companion ‘Viewer’ app for the Digital Gold Vault. While the vault is meant to run on any web browser, this viewer app is needed on your phone to see your gold

If you want to see your gold in AR, you point your camera at the QR code in the Digital Gold Vault. The first time you do this, it will prompt you to download the iOS or Android app. Once downloaded you can point it at any surface to see and move your gold.

The app is available in both the Google Play Store and Android App Store. The viewer app is meant as a companion to the QR code to see your gold. That said, if you directly download from the stores there is a fully functional viewer with make-believe gold.

This is a simple use of augmented reality. Someday this can evolve into such experiences as walking past the threshold of a vault and getting and seeing an immersive view of all your gold stacked on a table



I conceived this, researched what was possible and assembled a team to build this. We worked with the graphic designer on the 3D model used to show the gold.

The app is written in Flutter. The menus you move through are all done that way. The actual experience uses commonly available platform specific AR tool kits, SceneView Android v0.9.4 for Android and RealityKit for iOS. Firebase is used to resolve the QR code to select the App Store or run the app and to pass data from the Vault to the App.

Other Work