VCast SongID

The Android version of VCast SongID


VCast SongID was Verizon’s song recognition app, similar to Shazam. It preceded Shazam. (Although ultimately it because cost effective for Verizon to use the Shazam API for recognition).

Vcast songID was most popular on flip phones under BREW. Eventually it ran on Android and iOS.

As with any song recognition app it ‘listened’ to a song and then used pattern recognition against the signatures of thousands of songs to identify the clip. It then showed info about the song including title, artist and album art. Vcast song ID interfaced to Verizon Tone’s back-end to allow it to then offer the song as a ringtone or ringback tone.

This is a press release for the Android version


I directly worked on Vcast-songID and in8Mobile only after I finished my work on Verizon Tones at RealNetworks. in8Mobile was founded by the former head of the BREW store at Verizon. He asked me to join him at this startup.

I was the sole product manager at in8Mobile. in8Mobile’s initial work was to support the BREW version of Vcast SongID. At this point it mostly involved production work to ingest new songs and run signatures. I then oversaw the initial release of the product on Android and iOS. This was like on Android version 2. It was my first foray into Android and iOS.

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